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 Alpaca - Elite Gift from Nature

Alpaca is extremely versatile and is desired by high end clothing manufacturers around the world.  Known as a specialty fibre because of its scarcity, alpaca fibre possesses the following characteristics and benefits to you:

Luxurious and soft
Alpaca fibre is considered one of the finest fibres by the fashion industry along with cashmere and silk.  A specialty fibre that performs exceptionally well on its own, alpaca can also be blended with other fibres to achieve different finishes.  Since alpaca is a specialty fibre and in short supply compared to other natural fibres, it has always been priced highly.  The finest grades of alpaca demand even higher monetary value.

Smooth, not itchy
Alpaca feels smooth and silky to the touch because the scales along each strand of fibre are only half as high as those on merino and other sheep breed fibres, resulting in a less scratchy or prickly surface.  In fact, alpaca compares much better to silk than it does to wool but it has the advantage of having more memory and warmth than silk.  This, combined with its natural hypo-allergenic properties and softness, makes alpaca garments comfortable, even for sensitive skin.  Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin, the grease found in wool.  Many people who are allergic to lanolin enjoy the benefits of wearing hypoallergenic and comfortable alpaca!

Warm and breathable
Compared with sheep's wool and cashmere, alpaca is lighter, more breathable and far warmer.  Alpaca fibre is hollow, thus providing excellent thermal properties despite being light-weight.  This ensures that you can stay extra-warm without the need for heavy layers!  Precipitation does not readily penetrate an alpaca garment, allowing you to remain warm and dry.  This property also aids in wicking moisture away from the skin for better comfort and warmth.  It is an ideal natural material for our Canadian climate.

Alpaca is a natural, eco-friendly product and therefore contributes positively to the growing 'green'-conscious market.  The absence of grease avoids the need for a heavy scouring process using corrosive chemicals and the variety of natural colours minimizes the need for dyeing.  Alpacas themselves are well known to be gentle on the environment compared with other more traditional forms of livestock.

A natural rainbow of colours
Alpaca fibre is unsurpassed for its range of rich, natural colors.  From ivory white to lustrous black, with many grays and browns in between including subtle shades of maroon and peach, there are at least 22 different natural shades.  Alpaca is also easily dyed while retaining its natural lustre for an unlimited palette of beautiful colours.

Strong and resilient
Alpaca is unusually strong and resilient.  Numerous alpaca textiles that predate the Inca Empire in South America have been discovered in excellent condition with their original colours intact!   This means that you can wear alpaca garments for years while still retaining their original beauty.  Great value!

Canadian market
Luxurious, versatile, natural and hypoallergenic, alpaca offers many advantages.  At Moore House, we have noted a remarkable increase in the awareness and demand for alpaca amongst Canadian consumers over the last 5 years.  With the emergence of the eco-conscious consumer, expect the demand for alpaca to only increase!  Indulge yourself and your loved ones in the "Fibre of the Gods"!

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